Arte Vivo: brotherhood of artisans and artists
December 4 to 17, 2019
Colombian handicrafts
Expoartesanías 2019, Corferias.
Bogotá, Colombia.
Arte Vivo is a project of Artesanías de Colombia that seeks for an approach between contemporary art, crafts and popular art, to legitimize in the local context the need to blur rigid borders and unnecessary hierarchies.

This collaboration between artist and artisans is understood as the birth of an alternate creative process, where single-person authorship does not prevail, but rather the collaborative, respectful and generous process. Throughout the process, categories such as primitive, autochthonous, exotic, that have been used historically, but were coined and applied from places that allow questioning their origin, will be evaluated, since, without a doubt, they have ended up confirming stereotypes and generalizations. The Arte Vivo project is an essay that wishes to rethink the common places of high and low material culture.

Curated by: María Wills