Erythrina fusca

Orden: Order: Fabales

Familia: Family: Fabaceae

Género: Genus: Erythrina

Especie: Species: Fusca

Nombres comunes: Common names: Amaciza, bucayo, gallito, helequeme

Parte de la planta que se usa para el pigmento: Part of the plant used for pigment: Leaf

Color: Green

Amacizo pigment on paper. 102 x 68 cm

Herbarium. Dried Amacizo leaves, sewn on rice paper.
77 x 57 cm. 2013.

Monotype on rice paper made from the dried Amacizo leaves.
100 x 65 cm. 2013.



Amacizo. Leticia, Colombia, 2011.

Descripción general

General Description

Mid-size tree with broad-spreading branches and short, conical thorns. It grows up to twenty meters in height, its leaves are pinnately trifoliate, composed of three leaf- lets. During part of the year, this tree loses its leaves almost completely. Its flowers are large, and have a claw-like shape, their color striking, ranging from yellows to bright red tones. The fruit is a brown, legume pod, with bean-shaped seeds.

Amacizo. Leticia, Colombia, 2011.

Distribución geográfica
e historia natural

Geographic Distribution
and Natural History

Found in tropical areas of America and the Old World, common on coasts, low humid zones and along riverbanks. Its flowers grow abundantly during the dry season, when the tree has no leaves; when the flowers bloom, they last just a few days. It is an important source of nectar for birds and bats.

Amacizo during the maceration process. Leticia, Colombia, 2011.



In urban areas the tree has ornamental value. It is used as a source of shade in cacao plantations. It contains various toxic alkaloids, which in small amounts can be used for medicinal purposes. Its flowers and seeds are eaten in some countries in the Americas and its leaves can also be used as fodder for cattle.



The amacizo produces a green pigment, which is obtained by macerating its leaves. This ink adheres to paper best, creating a strong and intense coloring. On cotton a pale green is obtained, while it does not adhere properly onto fique. It does not require exposure to fire to properly set.

Extracción + teñido

Extraction + dyeing